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Change your life – Think Beyond a Job!

Have you ever looked at the legendary entrepreneurs and wondered how they got to where they are? Where did they start? Many successful entrepreneurs have started from humble beginnings – with little or no funds. You may think you cannot start a business with only what you have right now, but it takes fewer resources than you think. Combined with passion and tenacity, you could be well on your way to becoming the next legendary entrepreneur. Let’s adopt a new way of thinking and explore!

What is Think Beyond a Job?

Africa’s most powerful movement of its kind is all about promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship as a viable career option and educating the youth and the nation to think differently, take charge and be inspired about how to start a business with little or no money.

The Think Beyond a Job Movement that peaks at the Think Beyond a Job National Road Show every year is brought to you by the NSBC in association with World Famous Events. It aims to make a positive and meaningful difference to alleviating unemployment and driving job creation by cultivating new entrepreneurs.

The nation will be exposed to entrepreneurship as an exciting and viable way forward and what needs to be done to start out and succeed as an entrepreneur.

At the same time, Business and Government will be challenged and encouraged, through the media, social media and widespread campaigns, to improve the conditions for aspiring entrepreneurs to start out and flourish.

Why support the movement?

Job creation: Job creation and poverty alleviation are two pressing challenges facing South Africans that need to be urgently addressed.

Economic growth: Developing an entrepreneurial culture will enhance the supply of effective entrepreneurs that will make a significant contribution to economic growth

A new career option: Increased awareness of entrepreneurship will give many South Africans a new and exciting career option.

Inspiring hope: With an extremely high employment rate #ThinkBeyondaJob will inspire the nation and importantly the youth to look forward to a bright future.

How to support the movement?

Follow us on all of our social media networks for all the latest news, tips and developments. Don’t forget to use #ThinkBeyondaJob and lets spread the word and create a national entrepreneurial culture. Together we can help the thousands who are leaving school, colleges, universities, those who have been retrenched or who are unemployed, and of

course the many aspiring entrepreneurs who are seeking an entrepreneurial way of life but don’t know where to start. #ThinkBeyondaJob will, without a doubt, make a positive impact on many throughout South Africa. This is meaningful nation building.

Get your ticket to the Think Beyond a Job National Road Show!

Registration opens TODAY – Get your ticket NOW – Tickets are Limited

The Think Beyond a Job National Road Show is coming to a city near you this November 2017.
15 November DURBAN
17 November CAPE TOWN
22 November PRETORIA

The interactive breakfast events are inspiring, informative and are designed to educate the nation and could be entrepreneurs in a practical ‘how-to’ format to start a business with little or no money and succeed.

The morning event includes:

  • Breakfast snacks and refreshments
  • World-class networking
  • Seminar: “How to start a business with no money” by Mike Anderson: NSBC Founder & CEO
  • Seminar: “Growing your new start-up through social media on a shoe-string budget by Leanne Rhodes: NSBC Head of Creative & Social Media
  • FREE copy of Mike Anderson’s latest release of “Never Surrender – How to start a business with NO Money”
  • FREE copy of “The top 100 business ideas that requires no start-up capital”

To see what’s happening: dates and venues, topics and speakers, morning programme, delegate package – click here.

Register and get your ticket NOW – Tickets are very limited.

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