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The importance of intellectual property

Bunny Majaja from HOT 91.9 FM, an NSBC Media Partner, interviews Shamin Raghunandan, a partner, from Spoor & Fisher about the essentials for intellectual property (IP) considerations for new business.

Do you know what IP is? Is yours protected? In this interview, Bunny asks Shamin Raghunandan, a partner at Spoor & Fisher, why IP is important for small to medium enterprises? They also look at the legal and financial benefits of registering your IP.

Furthermore, this interview looks at what you need to consider when choosing a brand name for your company. They look at what makes a brand name good and what the dangers are of not registering your brand name. Finally, they discuss the ease and cost of registering your IP and why it is important to get a professional in when deciding to register your IP.

SMEs should listen to this podcast to understand the investment value of registering your IP.

Listen to the full interview here:

Tune into Business with Bunny on HOT 91.9 FM every Tuesday at 15:10.