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#BizTrends2024: Trends in the small business work landscape for 2024

Article written by Samantha Coom ( CEO and founder of The Social Craft)

In the ever-evolving work landscape for small businesses and entrepreneurs, as we propel into 2024, there is a profound transformation underway. The traditional boundaries between HR and technology, like most functions, are necessarily dissolving.

This is giving rise to an integrated ecosystem where people and technology fuse to create the future of work.

My work is at the intersection of both- people and technology and in this piece I am not narrowly predicting trends in either silo, however, this 2024 trend prediction piece goes beyond just HR and just technology; it foresees the birth of an industry—peopletech and the exciting innovation we can leverage as brands and businesses.


Absa launches bespoke offering for youth and women-owned businesses

Amidst efforts to empower youth and women to start and grow their businesses and create jobs, Absa has just launched a unique banking solution, specifically designed with these business-owners in mind.

Respectively called Absa Emerging Entrepreneur and Absa Business She Thrives, the solution offers a monthly fee waiver for six months on a new Business Evolve account, free access to the integrated business management and accounting tool called Cashflow Manager and access to funding of up to R5 million on an unsecured basis, supported by Absa’s Enterprise Development and Alternate Lending Solutions. In addition, eligible businesses will be able to access their first credit facility without paying any initiation fee and qualify for up to 50% off their bond registration costs.

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