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10 ideas on how to increase sales for your small business

Increasing sales is on every entrepreneur’s mind, but how can we do it? Especially when our customers are clutching their purse strings closed. Here are ten ways on how to increase sales for your small business.

1. Listen to your customers

Often we ask customers questions but then zone out when they answer. It is crucial to listen to their reply and ask follow-up questions based on what they have said. We need to carefully peel off the layers which inhibit the customer from buying from us.

2. Ask

Ask for the sale from the customer. Ask for advice from a mentor. Ask for good rates with suppliers. Ask for feedback on your products or services from your current clients. This might help you to identify an area that is missing in your product or service, or a new product or service you could easily add to your offering. Without asking you won’t know what the other person thinks and you will be able to make an informed decision based on facts if you ask.

3. Give away more than you are comfortable with

This might seem counterintuitive to give educational information and your knowledge away but by sharing your knowledge and education with your followers you build trust and they will be more likely to buy products from you because they trust the information you give them.

4. Show value

You must focus on the benefits which your business adds to someone’s life. Remember to concentrate on the benefits not the features of your product or service. You should also have the benefits of your product as the first sentence someone reads on your website. This will help people to know whether or not your product or service is for them.

5. Get a decision

It’s a terrible place to be when you stand on the bridge of “maybe” not know whether your customer will say “yes” or “no”. Therefore, you have to ask for a definitive decision from your customer whether it is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You should also always serve your customer no matter the decision they make.

6. See objections as gold

If a customer is still willing to object with you over your product or service then you are still in the game with them. It’s important to listen to the objection and try to understand what truly lies below the words which the customer is saying. If they are objecting about the price then you need to show them the value of the product or service you offer. If they believe the product doesn’t serve their needs then you need to empathise with your customer and consider the product from the customer’s perspective. If they are not eager to change then you need to try and comfort the fear-filled mindset your customer may have.

7. Expect the sale

When speaking to a customer, it’s important to be positive about the sale. The reason for this is that it makes you look confident about your product or service and there is a good chance that your customer has already done enough research and that they are in the purchasing phase of the buying cycle.

8. Display your successes

Many people are scared to try something new because they are not sure if it will work for them. Here is where customer testimonials are gold. You should promote good reviews about your product or service and show how you helped your customer achieve the goal they wanted with your offering.

9. Pimp your Google My Business

 Many businesses have heard that having a Google My Business is crucial to help encourage more sales. You should ensure that you fill out all the fields in your listing and request that your customers leave reviews on your Google My Business listing. You can also seed the Q&A section of your listing with frequently asked questions from your customers.

10. Always over-deliver

Wow your customers by always delivering more than they had anticipated. This will bring a smile to their faces and they will share their experience with their network. Word-of-mouth advertising is the best. Even if your lead doesn’t buy from you leave them feeling appreciated and cared for because then when they need the product or service you offer, you will be top-of-mind.

By adding a few of these ways to your sales arsenal, you will be moving towards increasing your sales.

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