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Revenue maximising tips: How to take full advantage of seasonal shopping

Seasonal shopping can be very advantageous to businesses as people spend more money during that time. Around December and Christmas time in particular, consumers either have extra money or are willing to spend more to get items they have been eying all year. This is a great opportunity for businesses to make more money as they take advantage of the shopping bug that grips people around this time of the year.

How then, can your business capitalise on seasonal shopping? As a small business, it can be done quite easily as you do not need as much time to plan as large corporates might. You can simply assess your target market’s behaviour and decide on the best time and strategy to promote your business. With that in mind, consider the following four helpful guidelines:

Start advertising early

The sooner you start, the sooner you will be on your customers minds. Also, shoppers are starting their holiday shopping earlier each year as they try to avoid the rush closer to the time. Around early October is a great time to start talking about December specials and the big holiday or summer season. Starting in great time also means your business will not have to fight for expensive prime advertising space closer to the holidays.

Run suitable promotional offers

Discounts and gifts after a certain amount has been spent at your shop can be a great incentive for consumers to spend more. This positive buzz also facilitates word-of-mouth or essentially free advertising that still proves so highly effective in today’s marketplace.

Run exciting competitions

Since it is the season to be giving, it only makes sense for you to be spoiling your customers with giveaways. These can be made available to customers who buy certain products in order to enter the competition or raffle. You can also try to secure sponsorships for three great prizes and advertise both the prizes as well as the generous sponsors who made them possible.

Use social media to create hype

A fun social media marketing campaign around the upcoming holiday can be a great way to develop healthy brand awareness. A clever campaign will catch the eye of shoppers and hopefully create new brand loyalists. You may also target groups and individuals who will likely share the same with their many groups and contacts, potentially reaching far more people than originally targeted.

The holidays are a great way to make more money regardless of what type of business you have. Running seasonal specials and competitions helps to contribute towards the excitement of the season, while helping to promote your business’ brand. During this time, it is possible to develop great relationships with your customers and create life-long loyalty as you grow your business.

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