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The movement-based workstation wish list

Article by Bidvest Waltons

With all the recent press around “sitting being the new smoking” – most office workers are well aware of the need to make some changes in their workstation setup. Designers and office managers are asking themselves how can they achieve this simply and effectively and furthermore how not to be conned into something that is not well established.

So here is a simple checklist to provide a stepping stone approach to creating healthy workspaces without one massive investment upfront and in a modular manner that ultimately fits together perfectly with zero waste.

  1. Start with the simple adage that vision drives posture – a monitor arm
    By allowing the employee to move the screen as they move and lift their vision from the traditional slumped desk posture to an open, more upright and ultimately easier to move position – you will improve their work hours significantly. Watch this video if you need further explanation.
  1. Lift your spirits – lift your laptop
    The next step is to simply lift the employee’s laptop and provide an auxiliary keyboard and mouse. Laptops screens raised to the correct height promote a recline posture in your chair which ultimately results in better support for your lumbar region. It also opens the body angle that promotes better circulation and therefore increased productivity. Use both your laptop and an independent screen and you will have the well documented benefits of dual screen productivity. View the video here.
  1. The throne – add a chair that promotes movement
    The reality is that there is no such thing as the perfect seated position but if you are going to sit – allow the person to move naturally and assume an open posture for blood flow to continue unabated. The chair should have a seat depth adjustment, height adjustment, dynamic recline (so no locking mechanisms allowed) as well as adequate lumbar support and arms that move with the backrest. Once you add this essential tool into the mix a holistic ergonomic solution has been achieved. You can view the video here for more information.
  1. Float on cloud nine – the sit/stand desk
    This is where the investment into you or your employee’s health is taken to another level. Don’t allow valuable time to be wasted in changing setups or cumbersome lifting mechanisms – but allow the person to move effortlessly and seamlessly from seated to standing. The monitor arm, laptop stand and all other applicable components for the desk are essential parts of the healthy workplace puzzle. You can learn more in this video here.

Hopefully we have taken the guessing game out of retro-fitting offices and creating healthy workspaces out of previously static desk based workstations. Here is one last video that should pull it all together.

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