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Top 10 tips to overcome your fear of selling

Selling is arguably the most important aspect of running any successful business. Without effective sales, operational sustainability and profitability cannot be achieved. Although most entrepreneurs acknowledge the importance of selling, many still find it a very challenging task.

Below are ten useful tips to help you overcome selling limitations or fears, in order to make it an exciting and profitable exercise rather than a chore.

  • Find out what exactly you’re afraid of
    “Are you afraid of rejection or embarrassing yourself during your sales pitch?” or “Are you perhaps not fully convinced of your own products?” Acknowledging this is the first real step towards overcoming any fears associated with selling.
  • Shift your focus
    Instead of looking at it as trying to convince someone to buy from you, look at it as sharing valuable information.
  • Realise that you selling everyday anyway
    Whether you are negotiating on a domestic purchase, or trying to convince a friend to take you out for dinner, you are exercising the very same sales pitch ‘muscles’. This makes selling almost an innate, instinctive aptitude as opposed to an unreachable goal. This realisation alone will afford greater and more deliberate confidence in selling on the business front.
  • Start small
    Instead of addressing a big group of people, or meeting a buyer from a very large company, start off with selling to friends and family. You can then more easily grow your affinity for selling.
  • Operate from the assumption that people will benefit greatly from your products
    This means you are pitching from the point of view of adding legitimate value by presenting a product or service that actually solves one or more consumer problem(s) or it addresses their need(s).
  • Turn objections into learning opportunities
    If someone says they are not interested or that they need to think about it, ask them why they are hesitant. You might gain useful insight into how to improve your sales pitch.
  • Take it one step at a time
    This means, do not fixate on closing the deal. Aim for small achievements such as getting them to sign-up for your newsletter, or them requesting a brochure to look at later. This ‘first-bite’ is many times what translates into sales and a growing number of loyal customers later.
  • Be systematic about lead generation
    Instead of wasting excessive time persuading people who may never buy your products, develop lead generating tools to make sure you target people most interested in your products. This means effective client-profiling, market research and obtaining relevant consumer or industry-related intelligence.
  • Remember your successes
    No matter how small they are, recording your wins can help you stay focused and not get dejected because of one bad sales day.
  • Have fun with it
    You can throw a party or fun networking event by inviting prospective buyers and showcasing your products in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Once you get over your fear of selling, it becomes much more natural. This takes selling from a nervous premeditated exercise to a sincere presentation of value-buys to customers, and is undeniably a recipe for unmistakable success.

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