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Speed up your success

The fact is that most people will waste five of their next 15 years!

Yes, we can become successful faster. It is possible to speed up the process. Why drag out the process when we can make things happen by doing things more effectively and with bigger results?

Think about it! You waste a quarter of your day by:

  • meeting those you don’t need to
  • doing things that are not important
  • worrying about bad things that are never going to happen
  • procrastinating
  • exposing yourself to negative and unsuccessful people
  • not seizing opportunities because of the fear of failure, and
  • losing opportunities due to indecisiveness.

Let’s have a look at few tips to speed up the success process:

Act quickly on opportunities
If you see what you want, do it before you lose the chance. Be decisive, make it happen and don’t procrastinate. If it fails, change direction and move on quickly to the next project. Remember, changing direction when you need to is smart, not a failure. You only fail when you give up trying.

Be fast
Push yourself to walk faster, talk faster, read faster and move faster. Constantly look for faster methods to get the same result. Send and return communications with as little delay as possible. Whenever you think something can’t be done quickly, ask ‘Why not?’

Soar with the eagles that fly high
Reduce or eliminate people or things that delay or stop you from moving quickly. Surround yourself with the right people now. More often than not, you become like the people you hang around with the most. Surround yourself with successful people and you will have no choice but to be successful. If you hang around with unsuccessful people then you will find it impossible to become successful.

Wake up early and seize the day
You have to see it and believe it before you achieve it. Reaffirm your life goals. Write out a detailed plan of attack for the day ahead, starting with the most important. Take a moment to visualise the day ahead of you, focusing on the successes you will have and what you want the outcome to be. Even just a minute of visualisation and positive thinking will improve your mood and outlook on your workload for the day.

Start before you’re ready
You have to get moving and create. Whatever you have chosen to pursue in your life, take action and just do it. Don’t overthink your way to success. Sometimes our thoughts keep us from achieving because we overthink and overanalyse every situation. We prevent ourselves from achieving by instilling fear (and therefore doubt) rather than courage into our own hearts. No matter how much you think, you need to take action. Sometimes we use perfectionism as an excuse for procrastination. You don’t need another confirmation to get started – just get up and do it!

Set tough deadlines for completing tasks and make them happen
Ask for the business and ask now. Don’t wait for weeks before following up on potential deals. Your potential client will respect your enthusiasm. We can build relationships quicker and do business sooner.

Model successful people
Once you have decided what it is that you want to accomplish in life, model the success of others. Find people who are already successful at what it is that you want to accomplish, model what they are doing and you will get the same results. It will shorten your path to success. It’s called the path of least resistance. It’s also the best and fastest way to speed up your success at accomplishing your goals and dreams!

Finally, keep up your speed with good habits: sufficient sleep, good food, great company, a positive outlook and regular exercise. This will give you the edge!

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