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How to take care of your body as a busy business owner

A healthy body is a healthy mind. The body and mind work together to give you a healthy and fulfilling life. Therefore, one cannot do well without the other. However, many people neglect their physical bodies when they become engrossed with other aspects of life. This can lead to illness and the inability to run their businesses properly.

Here are a few simple ways of taking care of both your body and mind as a business owner:

Watch what you eat
Easy to grab-and-go food is usually very unhealthy. Make the conscious decision to eat healthy and freshly made food, such as a packed lunchbox filled with nutritious items.

Watch how much you eat
As you go from one meeting to another, where you are served snacks in a boardroom or a three-course meal in a restaurant, you may find yourself eating throughout the day. This can contribute towards weight gain and associated health problems.

Exercise first thing in the morning
By getting exercise in the form of a gym session or brisk walk around your neighborhood first thing in the morning, there is no chance of the events of the day getting in the way of exercise later on.

Set aside 10 minutes to ‘meditate’ before bed
By meditate, we simply mean positive introspection, calmly recounting the small wins of the day and preparing yourself for sound rest. Winding down your thoughts for about 10 minutes will help you calm down mental processes and ‘shut down’ your brain so that you can rest effectively, as quality rest is imperative for a healthy physical and mental state.

Get at least six hours of sleep
The recommended eight hours is best, but busy business owners may feel they need to make as much use of a days’ hours as possible. With a good night’s rest, your mind will be sharp enough to take on the challenges of running a business and help you make generally healthier choices throughout the day. As mentioned, it’s about quality of sleep too, so five or six hours of good rest can trump eight hours of poor quality sleep.

Watching what you eat and how much you eat (each and every time) will help prevent weight gain and associated illnesses. At the same time, exercise contributes towards a healthier body and mind. Get enough rest and put aside a few minutes of quiet time to help your mind remain sharp. Looking at these guidelines, you may be thinking, ‘I’ve heard this all before’. But in concluding, ask yourself this, ‘Are you and your management team effectively applying these health fundamentals and truly reaping the rewards?’ If not, now is the best time to start.

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