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Promotional strategies every business should be using

As a business owner, promoting your business should be one of the priorities at the top of your to-do list. If people do not know your business or the products you have on offer, you cannot expect them to become customers. Fortunately, in today’s world, promoting your business has become easier and cheaper, as there are many channels – including the internet – that you can use as part of your marketing strategy.

Here are some business promotion strategies you should be using:

Create excellent social media content

Social media is one of the biggest platforms for businesses to gain brand visibility. Billions of people around the world have at least one social media platform, with one of the most popular being Facebook. Creating social media profiles for your business, and participating in the virtual space by regularly posting excellent content and participating in conversations, will see more relevant leads being generated as well as a higher conversion rate into actual sales. Content is authority, and if you can create interesting, engaging content (text, graphics, infographics) you are likely to get more followers, more referrals and more business. Also, a professional copywriter will know how to adhere to social media best practices and content/posting guidelines.

Design, develop and launch a great website

In the 21st century, customers expect a business to have a functional website. There are free website templates you can use, or you can hire a professional to develop a basic website. However, the online market is immense and could make the difference between success and failure, or may very well represent a substantial revenue stream to complement your walk-in store. It is therefore recommended that you design a robust website or eShop that’s responsive (mobile/device friendly), optimised, professionally written, well-populated with useful resources, multimedia and so forth to effectively showcase your brand and products.

Register with online directories

If you do not have a website, or are still working on one, registering with suitable online dictionaries will still help people find out more about you when they are online. Once you have a good website in place, you can update your details in all directories to include your web address, thereby building links to your site as well. This also fosters off-site web optimisation or SEO, which bolsters the authority of your website and places you higher in search engine results.

Participate in community activities

What better way to promote your business than by taking it to your customers. If there is an event happening locally such as a festival, be one of the sponsors and make your brand’s presence felt. Alternatively, host an event yourself, such as a sports tournament, and name it after your business. Networking and well-planned community-based initiatives or events are a great way to capture the hearts of the patrons in your immediate sphere of influence.

Most of the above promotional strategies present minimal costs. They, nonetheless, have helped many business gain valuable brand recognition through proper execution – and today you can do the same.

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