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Celebrating Oopsie Daisy – Creativity, passion and flowers


Few things are able to add the colour, enhance the theme and create the right ambience at an event or special occasion quite like flowers. Carefully designed floral décor infuses a setting with natural beauty that not only makes guests feel special but will also create a lasting impression on all who attend. For Charlene Lubbe and her team at Oopsie Daisy, a Johannesburg floral and décor business, this is what they do best. Now in their 9th year of business, Oopsie Daisy, is well renowned for their stylish and trendy designs, attention to detail and outstanding service.


But where did it all begin? Charlene describes, ‘One December holiday my friend and I decided that we were both looking for a new challenge. She got married a few months before and for some reason the idea of working in the wedding industry sounded like a good idea. Neither of us had any experience whatsoever, but we are both creative and were super determined to start our own business. We started by delivering flower arrangements and hampers to clients for special birthdays, newborn babies etc. and doing very small weddings. We taught ourselves to do flower arranging and familiarised ourselves with the types of flowers. Soon after we launched the business, my partner and friend fell pregnant and I took full ownership of the company.’

As Charlene’s experience in skill and the industry grew, so too did her business. She has however, also experienced her fair share of challenges to overcome – one of the greatest being finance. She remembers, ‘This business started with no money in the bank and to get through the first couple of years with no financial support was definitely one of the biggest challenges. With the help of family and friends, Oopsie Daisy made it through.’ The other challenge has also been in hiring the right staff. Charlene notes that, ‘This has taken years, but today I can proudly say we have the best team ever. They treat our company as their own and I am so proud of what they have achieved thus far.’ Oopsie Daisy is now providing jobs and skills to nine staff members.


Charlene believes that it takes dedication, determination and hard work to make a small business work. She reminds all business owners to ‘always keep your eyes open to opportunities and never give up!’

She encourages all to support small business, not only because they give their clients exceptional quality of work and personal attention but also because small businesses create jobs.

From today and every day hereafter, think about where you shop and support small business.

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