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Twenty steps to fast success

Although the ideal situation of ‘quick success’ doesn’t usually work out in life, there are some incredible stories. I have had the fortunate opportunity over time to meet these mercurial individuals who have shared with me what it took them to have ‘quick success’. What is important to know is that in almost all of my interviews, eighty percent of the points stated below were common amongst everyone.

Let’s take a look at how some entrepreneurs have achieved ‘instant or quicker success’ over those who have given up and failed, or taken a great deal longer than ever expected:

  1. They get up insanely early.
  2. They keep promises no matter how small.
  3. They’ve given more thought to planning their business before starting out.
  4. They strive to be less reliant on borrowings.
  5. They take action and do things.
  6. They believe in themselves and have supreme confidence in whatever they do.
  7. They are risk takers and don’t think about failure.
  8. When they do fail, they are not afraid or embarrassed by their failures.
  9. They have knowledge, experience and a deep passion for their business.
  10. Their customers love what they do.
  11. They are willing to put in never ending hours of work themselves.
  12. They continuously express gratitude and always have a positive outlook.
  13. They challenge the status quo which gives them the seeds of vision and opportunity.
  14. They learn from the pitfalls of others and get the best advice from the right people.
  15. They act quickly and change direction when something doesn’t work out.
  16. They demand excellence from themselves.
  17. They soar with the eagles that fly high, only surrounding themselves and connecting with positive people.
  18. They take responsibility for everything irrespective of what happens.
  19. They only focus on what’s important, they have the ability to say no to almost everything.
  20. They don’t throw in the towel – they just keep going and never give up.

Most businesses do take time for success. Many entrepreneurs give up when there’s no immediate success. If you speak to any successful person you will quickly realise that things don’t always go as planned. Most successful people have been through a series of disappointments and failures before they became who they are.

Because success usually happens as a result of the accumulated experience people collect from their failures it doesn’t make any sense to assume that you will make it fast. Yes, you can succeed from the first attempt but generally most people never make it before they fail many times. You need to understand and prepare for this. Always keep it in mind that quick success must be a bonus.

I strongly encourage you to aim for fast success but don’t assume that this is how life works. Slow and gradual progress is the way most successful people have followed until they have made it. Yes, in some rare cases you might find a chance that pushes you forward quickly. The general rule is that you have to be patient and persistent until you make it. Take a step everyday even if it is a small one and eventually you will make it, that’s as long as you keep moving and never give up.

Mike Anderson is the founder and CEO of National Small Business Chamber (NSBC).