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Six easy ways to drum up new business

Starting a new business? Or have you got a business but want to take it to the next level? Then it is time to drum up some new business. This task may seem daunting at first but let’s have a look at some ways that you could encourage new business.

1. Get listed
It is important to list your company on as many online business listing sites as possible. This will help people find you when they are searching for a solution and your product can be it. One good place to start listing your company is on Google business.

2. Give a freebie
Everyone loves a freebie. Think of a service or product you can offer for free that will encourage people to try your product. Advertise the freebie on social networks and your webpage. If you are a web developer, you could offer a free one-page web design with each web hosting purchased, or if you are a beautician you could offer a free manicure to the first ten customers.

3. Talk to your clients
In the day and age of emails, people sometimes miss out on the personal touch. It may be a good idea to arrange a meeting with your client to say hello and see how their business is doing. This is also an opportunity to highlight a product you have which may be a solution to a problem they are experiencing. This visit is not the place for a hard sell, so keep the conversation informative and let the customer know they can contact you when they are ready.

4. Network
It is important to go out and meet people in your area to promote your company. Become a member of your local chamber of commerce. Join societies which support your industry, like the South African Freelancers Association. Volunteer at local events and meet the people in your area. If you have a constant presence, people will get to know you and you will get leads to potential clients.

5. Get some publicity
Research your local radio stations and find an appropriate show that will suit your business. Think of an idea for a segment on the show and pitch your idea to the radio station. If this doesn’t work, you could also advertise on the radio. Radio advertising has become cheaper with the advent of the internet and you may be surprised at the cost for an advert on radio. Furthermore, you can approach online trade magazines and ask them if you can write a guest article for the magazine. Magazines are always looking for content.

6. Run a competition
Many people are very competitive and enjoy entering competitions. You can run a competition on a social media platform quite easily and encourage the sharing of your page to expose your brand to a variety of new clients.

Let’s get out there and promote our brands. Let’s share our stories with others and watch our companies grow from strength to strength. One final point: remember that the human touch is a powerful way to encourage business in a time when everything is automated, so take the time to add this element to your marketing plan.

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