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The courage to grow is to think big and MTN will help you reach further

Article provided by MTN Business

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the engines of economic growth, providing development and employment opportunities. The flip side to this coin is that factors such as loadshedding and the volatile Rand have a much greater impact on SMEs than on their larger counterparts.

‘SMEs are the next generation of digital enterprises and we need to support and help them to continue to grow,’ says Claude Chetty, General Manager for the SME Segment at MTN Business. ‘At MTN Business, we don’t just understand what solutions entrepreneurs need, but why they need them.’

With a portfolio of dedicated advisors, innovative solutions and technology professionals, MTN Business offers SMEs a range of affordable Information Communications Technology (ICT) solutions that not only help them in the day-to-day operations of the company, but that enable growth.

‘No matter the size of the company, every business has the same imperatives: gain market share, increase customer satisfaction, lower costs, improve productivity and production of quality products. Technology is key to all of these. Large organisations spend millions acquiring ICT services and developing the skills and processes needed to operate effectively, but even though they need the same types of solutions, SMEs don’t have access to the same kinds of resources. This is why our solutions are tailored to the needs – and pocket – of growing entrepreneurial enterprises,’ says Chetty.

Offering the full value chain of technology solutions, from basic connectivity and business applications to value-added services such as office automation, cloud services, data protection, enterprise mobility, hosting and networks, MTN Business can empower and support SMEs as their needs change and evolve.

Cloud computing, for example, has brought a revolution in the SME operation by enabling easy access to data from any place where there is an internet connection and eliminating technology management. This allows one to focus on their core business areas, save costs and improve operational efficiency.

‘In today’s competitive and data-driven business market, storing, sharing and securing data is critical for maintaining an efficient and profitable operation. SMEs are finding themselves under more pressure than ever as the volume of data continues to increase. MTN Business’ Cloud will help transform SMEs to be technologically advanced, without hefty financial burdens, to further bring about a significant socio-economic transformation to South Africa,’ explains Chetty.

Similarly, MTN Business offers SMEs the ability to manage multiple calls and queries, empowering them to provide their customers with a better experience. MTN Mobile Private Branch Exchange (PBX) enables a mobile device to become a full-featured call centre service, offering reduced call rates and full management capabilities.

According to Chetty, the company’s mission is not to simply introduce new solutions, but to also look for innovative ways that add value and can change the way smaller businesses are positioned in the marketplace, helping them effectively compete and contribute to economic growth.

‘To this end, we have developed the MTN Business Partner Programme. This initiative leverages a trusted partner ecosystem to accelerate joint profitable growth with strategic partners, SMEs and start-ups,’ he says.

‘We are proud to be assisting SMEs in developing the South African economy and creating much-needed jobs. We understand the obstacles and barriers faced by entrepreneurs, and have created innovative solutions and products tailored for them. As the SME ICT partner of choice, we are delighted to be able to help smaller businesses connect and grow.’

MTN Business is a proud partner of the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC).