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Eight healthy habits of productive entrepreneurs

Elon Musk, Mark Shuttleworth and Sol Kerzner are some famous South Africans entrepreneurs. They have worked hard to get into their positions. But to be such successful entrepreneurs, they have to have some healthy habits which contribute to their success. Here are some habits which will help you to become a more productive entrepreneur.

Get active
This may seem like a strange habit to start with, but physical exercise is important to being a productive entrepreneur. Not only does it help to tone your body but it helps to relieve stress. When you are active, your body releases endorphins which improve your mood and your overall perspective on life. Furthermore, your body is able to release the tension of the day as you concentrate on the movement of your strokes while swimming or the the rhythm of your feet as you run.

Do the hard stuff first
People tend to look at things that are hard and then postpone them until there is no option but to attend to them. This is not a good idea as it only adds to your stress levels. It is best to tackle the hard things first thing in the morning and then move on to the easier tasks later in the day. You can even use a fun task as a reward for doing a difficult task in the morning.

Plan your day the night before
It is a good idea to review your day the day before. This ensures that you will be able to start your day doing work instead of planing for it. So at the end of the day, review the next day and plan how your day will go ahead.

Go out to lunch
When you are working, it is important to recharge your batteries and have a break. Leave the office and eat your lunch on the grass outside or visit a nearby restaurant. This will ensure that you revitalise your mind and you can ponder how your day has been and plan ahead for the remainder of it.

Keep your goals constantly visible
By doing this you will be constantly reminded why you are working hard on your business or project. So keep a list of your goals near your computer screen and when you are feeling downhearted or uninspired to work, look at the list. This will give you the inspiration to get back into the saddle and continue to persevere towards your dreams.

Reward yourself
It is important to reward yourself. This will encourage you to continue with the good habits which you are developing. Remember to reward yourself even for the small achievements every day as these are the stepping stones to achieving your great dreams. So when you have completed a task, take a 15-minute break and look at your favourite blog or Facebook page as reward for doing your work well.

Set liveliness
Dragon Roua, an author for, has come up with the term ‘livelines’ instead of ‘deadlines’. His premise for this is that with the term ‘deadlines’ you are constantly working towards your death, as you work yourself into a habit of ticking off tasks until you finally die. Instead you should look at every liveline as an opportunity to grow and move towards a more enjoyable life, and the major achievements which you reach in your business will be milestones. So set some livelines so your business can grow and become the great enterprise you have always dreact about.

Spend quality time with family and friends to recharge
This may seem like a weird habit to encourage productivity, but if you have a happy home life then you are able to focus more clearly on your ambitions for your business. You may be super busy but even the most influential entrepreneurs make time to spend with their families. So when you are looking at the week ahead ensure you schedule time for a little rest and relaxation so that you may become the powerhouse entrepreneur you aspire to be.

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