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How to grab your customer’s attention

Have you ever given a presentation and the client is glancing at their smartphone or looking at the birds through the window? You may have wondered what am I am doing wrong. How can I capture their attention? Well, wonder no more. Here are some tips to getting and keeping your client’s attention.

Be enthusiastic
This is the most critical aspect to getting your client’s attention. If you don’t have enthusiasm for your product, then how do you expect your client too. Your enthusiasm should ooze through all the marketing material and personal engagements which you have with your clients. A famous businessman who has done this very well is Richard Branson. If you look at the Virgin brand you can see his lust for life and his desire to see his business succeed.

Have an intriguing message
When you present your product to your client ensure that you create a desire for them to learn more. The more they crave the need for knowledge from your product; the more engaged and the more willing they will be to give up their time to learn about your product.

Give a clear message
Ensure when you present your product to your client you know exactly what you are talking about. Find out everything you need to know about the product you are promoting, the industry and your client’s needs. When describing the product ensure you highlight the main ideas before you go into detail about each. This gives the client something to think about while you give the presentation.

Be yourself
When presenting your product, be yourself. Do not try to copy other presenters. This will stunt your presentation as you will be trying to act and to give a message about your product at the same time. You are unique and have excellent qualities which you can utilize to give a great presentation.

Follow people who you believe are great influencers in your industry
Build relationships with them and assist them when they need help. They may then become great advocates for your brand and product. Never ask them for assistance first.

Discover your client’s agenda
Everyone has an agenda as to why they do the work they do. Find out what it is and show them how your product can satisfy their need or dilemma. It is important to listen to your client’s agenda before you offer a solution. This will aid you in offering a solution which satisfies their need. Ensure that you have great conversations with your clients. Do not preach the benefits of your products but rather engage in a good conversation with your clients. Consumers enjoy being interacted with and made to feel special, so make sure you listen.

Stand out from the crowd
Think outside of the box and promote your product in different ways to the standard. People will be made aware of you. Furthermore, they will appreciate your independent thinking and this may encourage them to buy your product.

Be present in the client’s world
When you have identified who your clients are, identify the media which they use to get their information. It could be social media, print, email marketing, google ads, YouTube, or mobile. Ensure that you present your product on one of the mediums which they use the most.

Follow these steps and you are well on your way to getting your customer’s attention. Stand out and be proud of who you are. Your clients will see you are genuine and be encouraged to try out your product.

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