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A how to guide on sourcing quality suppliers in China for small businesses

Article by China Homelife Fair and China Machinex

Small businesses often don’t do enough research to verify quality suppliers in china and this can lead to poor quality products and bad service. We have given a quick how to guide to help small businesses find the right suppliers and manufacturers for their business and how to eliminate non-verified suppliers.

A quick internet search goes a long way

The quickest and easiest way to search for suppliers in China is on the internet. Here you can find thousands of suppliers that are listed on these sites. To help eliminate the results of quality suppliers, look for the code words “gold member,” “verified suppliers,” “onsite supplier,” or “accredited supplier.” If the site offers a reviews sections have a look through these as this will shed some light on the legitimacy of the supplier.

Some global sourcing sites also offer additional services to protect buyers further such as credit-check services and supplier-capability-assessment services that will provide suppliers business information such as company status, production quality and more. This helps buyers lessen their search and focus on those specific suppliers mentioned.

Status is not everything

Be aware of the “verified” suppliers that you find on sites as this does not mean that the company is capable of quality production capability.  Some “gold member” statuses are often paid statuses and these sites might have large directories of suppliers, some might simply be traders or wholesalers and not necessarily manufacturers. This means that you won’t get the best price from traders or wholesales so try to go straight to the supplier. China Sourcing Reports (CSRs) have specific studies that focus on verified and qualified suppliers and their contact information which has been conducted from an industry overview from top-selling products and market information.

Social Media

Social media might not be the best platform but it is a great way to join pages that give information on quality suppliers or information on how to import from China. Most suppliers don’t have a high social media presence but it is a great platform to follow trade shows or china sourcing fair pages to find out more information on suppliers etc. LinkedIn is an increasing platform for information on b2b information and trade shows.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to meet potential suppliers, if it is local or international. Trade shows allows for some insight into legitimate suppliers and the opportunity to create relationships, face-to-face meetings, learn about the suppliers products, quality and production capacity. It also allows you to verify suppliers that you might see as a potential supplier to import from.

These are some guidelines on how to find the right supplier for those small start-up businesses that might not have the knowledge or experience when it comes to working with Chinese manufacturers.

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