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Eight rules when submitting your tender responses


Article by Werner van Rooyen (TradeWorld Leads and Tenders and

Listed below are eight rules for submitting your tender response. Ensure that you follow these rules when you submit your tender response.

All tender invitations have their own submission instructions. It is of the utmost importance that you familiarize yourself with these conditions. These instructions can usually be found at the beginning of the tender invitation document and include instructions such as:

  1. Closing date – which is the last day that the tender response can be submitted.
  2. Closing times – VERY IMPORTANT – do not be late! If the Closing time is at 11:00 it means 11:00 sharp. These days, procurement entities will indicate on the tender invitation document that the time they use is the time given by dialling Telkom’s 1026 line. This is the official time in South Africa.
  3. Ensure that you submit the correct number of copies that the procuring entity has requested. You do not want the procuring entity to take your tender response apart in order to copy it. Remember that there are several Bid Evaluation Committee members and each of them must have a copy of your tender response to evaluate.
  4. Be mindful that the procuring entity can request different formats of your tender response. For example, they can request a hard copy or soft copy or both.
  5. When you deliver your tender response, ensure that it is into the correct tender box. Many procuring entities have more than one tender box.
  6. Samples. If you have to provide samples together with your tender response ensure that the samples are also delivered at the correct address. Sometimes the samples need to be delivered at a different address as the tender response. Ensure you are on top of the delivering instructions.
  7. Envelopes. Make sure your tender response is in a sealed envelope and that it is addressed correctly. Sometimes there is a two-envelope process. Ensure you are up to speed with which process the procuring entity is using.
  8. Finally write the address in a readable handwriting. If they cannot read it – your tender response will not be considered.

By following these rules, you will ensure that your tender response is considered for evaluation.

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