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Three steps to turning the holiday shopper into a regular customer

holiday shopper

The festive season is almost upon us and this means that we may see more clients coming through our doors to buy gifts for their loved ones. Now you might wonder how you can get these shoppers to become lifetime customers. Here are three steps to getting the holiday shopper to stay.

1. A supreme shopping experience

This is probably the most important step. Even though the festive season is notorious for being the busiest, it is crucial that you always offer a pleasant shopping experience. Ensure that all your staff members are up to date on the special offers and what can be done if an offer is sold out. Your staff should all greet the client as they enter the store and offer assistance. It is important that you have enough staff managing the till points at this time of year, making the whole buying process simple and easy. You must also ensure all the shelves are well stocked and the displays are enticing thereby encouraging the shoppers to enter your store.

2. Embrace the festivities

This is the season of giving so ensure that you have a small free gift which you can give your clients. It could be a candy cane or festive cookies that you put in the carry bag as they leave the store. This will keep you fresh in their mind when they are busy unpacking their bag. Furthermore, you could have a jar with discounts offered on purchases at the till point and they get to choose a prize. This brings the joy and the fun of season into your store. Additionally, ensure your store is decorated appropriately for the festive season. If you have a toy store, you could ask your staff members if they wouldn’t mind dressing up as elves and pretending to be Santa’s little helpers.

3. Get the shoppers contact information

This is also the ideal time to get the shoppers contact details. Have signs up in prominent places asking people to subscribe to your newsletter to receive discounts and special offers. If you own a music store, you could send a discount coupon to the client for lessons in January and thereby continue the relationship. Just make sure you don’t spam them and they are able to opt-out easily should they choose too.

By following these easy steps you are sure to increase your client base. You may not bring everyone to your brand as there might be grannies buying gifts for their teenage grandchildren, but the majority of holiday shoppers will have an interest in your product and if you have been able to tantalise them and give them a great shopping experience, they are sure to be back the following year. One last reminder, don’t forget your regular customers as they are your bread and butter. Give them extra special gifts when they come into your store so that they continue to feel valued and will spread the word of their great retail experience.

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