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How to generate leads for your business

Article by Fatality Marketing

Creativity will be the key to attract people to your service or brand, if your current marketing efforts are not yielding results – whether through flyers, mailers, social media or in-store promotions. Creativity will enable you to generate leads and thus enhance interest in your brand or company. Here are some ideas:

Social Media

Social media can be utilised to generate leads by reaching out to influencers in your industry and engaging in conversations with them. This will afford you with an opportunity to introduce your brand or services to the influencers’ followers, who might be potential customers.

Another idea might be to follow trending subjects or particular groups pertaining to your business and take part in general discussions, to establish yourself as a thought leader.


Blogs are considered to be good lead generating tools as it allows a company or brand full control of what is said. It also offers an opportunity to have the undivided attention of the reader.

Add a sign-up section for your newsletter on the blog and use your blog to promote your products and services in a creative way – not all just sales talk. Focus on giving the reader what they want and need.


Visuals like infographics can immediately draw people’s attention and it is easily sharable, especially on social media. Properly designed infographics can also be quite handy, as it basically summarise the article, which can save the reader time. An original idea, mixed with a quality graphic designer and share options like social media could be a winning combination. Remember to add your logo and URL (and even contact details) on the infographic.


Journalists love it when a brand or person reaches out to them and tells them an original and creative story. Get the correct contact people, customise your content according to the publication and contact the person. Don’t mass email them and don’t harass them.

The more you and your brand’s name is in the media, the better your chances are of developing a following. This will also afford you an opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader, which can help you obtain leads.


Customers love creative and authentic companies who have strong and clear messages that are consistent across all of their platforms. Communicate through your branding and your conversion rates will pick up, resulting in more leads.


Companies or brands in a very technical space or B2B companies benefit mostly from e-books. People love to read and gain expertise about their industry or subject matter, without being bombarded with sales or marketing talk. Write from a neutral perspective and provide insights, but do not promote your services or products. Set up your website’s landing page to enable people to add their details to download the e-book.


Newsletters, which you can send from your website, address a captive audience (people have to subscribe to the newsletter) instead of it disappearing into the big world wide web. Share your insights, recent wins you created for your customers and industry news.

Networking events

Join business bodies and groups, and attend events; even if it does not directly pertain to your business, as it might provide you with valuable contacts and leads. Always take your business cards to such an event and ask to meet people –  a referral by one of your contacts might just provide you with a lead to skyrocket your brand.


This might take some time, but develop a creative video that promotes your business and engages your customers through a story. You can upload it onto your website or blog and make it go viral through social media or a link on your newsletter. Another option is to upload it to YouTube and share it straight from there.

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