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Start-ups: The basics


A start-up is a fledgling company which is small and initially financed by its founders or an individual. The product or service of a start-up looks to solve a problem in society through a unique way, or to improve on what the founders of the small business believe to be an inferior solution to a problem. If you wish to begin a start-up consider these questions first.

What is your vision?

Before you begin your small business you need to set a vision so that when difficulties arise you will have motivation to push through. By setting your vision for your company, you can break it down into manageable tasks which you can complete every day.

What is your product or service?

You may have a good idea but you need to determine whether there is a viable market for the product you wish to produce or service you plan to provide. It is important to create a product pipeline and not just one product. If your idea works best as a single product you may consider selling the idea to an already established business. By creating a product pipeline, you create various avenues through which you can create revenue. In addition, look at the flourishing markets and drill down to see if there is a gap which you can fill. This will help to ensure your start-up is more successful.

Are you a salesperson?

Some people are natural-born salespeople but if you are not, don’t let it deter you from following your dreams as you can learn these skills. This is crucial to ensuring that the market gets to know about your product, thereby producing sales. Furthermore, it is important to work on creating return customers.

Who will fund you?

Generally, start-ups are funded by the founders in the initial stages but you can also get funding from banks, investors and lenders. Sometimes investors and lenders will ask for share in your company when they give you the financing to help you see your dream become a reality.

How do you get the cash flowing?

The first critical step to making your start-up a success is to get the cash flowing. If you have a great business plan but there is no money coming into the bank, you have a great chance of experiencing failure. So it is important to ensure you have a product or service that is needed or wanted by the market, and that you are able to create it without too many upfront costs.

Do you have endurance?

This is an important aspect to consider. In a new venture, you may be faced with many obstacles and you need to ensure you have the stamina and endurance to push through. This also applies to the people who you hire to help you in your business. Make sure that your fellow colleagues are eager to endure the hard times as well as the good times.

By considering these questions, you will know whether or not you have what it takes to begin a start-up. Though there will be some tough times, the rewards in the end are immeasurable so go out there and share your unique idea. The world is waiting.

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