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Inspiring stories of entrepreneurs – Arrero Car Cologne


Small Business FridayArrero Car Cologne was created by Lizelle Beukes in 2010 because of an interest in luxury, fashion, and fine fragrances. Current air fresheners lack masculine and feminine aromas, and far from resemble the average cologne or perfume. Using the highest quality oils available, and cutting edge technology, Arrero have designed a simple spray air freshener which delivers a designer fragrance.

After 17 years in the corporate environment, Beukes decided to take the leap and go into business for herself. For the next six years, her most important skill was resilience. It has been a tough road with many hurdles but she has managed to stay ahead of business closure. Her very first challenge came when Arrero had just started and was registered as Carrero. Within a very short space of time, Beukes received a letter from one of the largest trademark attorney firms in South Africa saying that she was infringing on copyright.

Beukes recalls what happened next: ‘I had to hand over or get rid of all of my stock. It meant that I lost everything and I had two choices: find a job or make another plan. I chose to make another plan. From one door, another door would open over the course of six months, and I finally approached an incubator with my idea and they agreed to help me. We registered the Arrero trademark with the same trademark attorneys mentioned above and it felt amazing to know that this journey was far from over.’

The company incorporates four pillars in their brand value: consistently superior quality, exclusiveness and uniqueness, a measure of enhanced social status, and making the customer feel special. Arrero Car Cologne has emerged as one of the most innovative and original car air freshener brands. Four designer fragrances are currently available.

When asked what sets her apart from other woman entrepreneurs, Beukes replied: ‘I really believe that each woman entrepreneur is special in their own right and we each have a unique story to tell. My goal in life is to create something special of value and part of that is to create opportunities for other women and men who are interested in creating their own destiny.’

Arrero was awarded as Top 20 Small Businesses at the 2016 South African Small Business Awards.

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