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4 keys to running a profitable small business


One of the most important measures as to whether or not you are running a successful business is the profitability of the venture. When we are able to take home a profit we know we are running a successful business. So, how do we do this? Here are four keys to get you on your way.

KEY 1: Focus on your sales

Ensure that your business sales are always ticking over. You can increase your sales by going through your client list and contacting clients who have not purchased from you in a while. By reminding these clients you are still in business you could get more sales, or they may highlight an area in your business that needs to be improved so that your new clients will turn into return clients.

Another factor to consider is that your prices cover your basic costs with a little extra. If this is not happening then it is important to think of ways you can increase your sales. It may also be a good idea to ask your employees how you can do this as a team. If the idea is good, implement it. This could create a flood of good ideas from your employees.

KEY 2: Reduce expenses

It is very important to limit the debt which your company goes into. You may not grow as quickly as you thought, but if you manage your debt appropriately and grow as is viable, your company will be less likely to go under. If possible, pay cash for most of the expenses in your company.

KEY 3: Be on top of the economic state of your company

It is important to get timely and accurate financial reports so that you can make accurate business decisions. This will also help highlight minor problems which you can attend to before they become major problems. Another way you can manage the economic state of your company is to open a separate savings account in which you deposit 1% of each sale. This will ensure you have a cushion of cash for when sales take a dip. This savings account can be used to pay for expenses when there is a downturn in the economy.

KEY 4: Do not get lazy with discipline in busy times

It is important to always to discipline in the same way in your business. If someone does something which should get them fired, then fire them. Letting things slide during busy times should be avoided because it may discourage other employees, or they may see that they can get away with the same and this could lead to you losing revenue which in turn will affect your profit. Therefore, make sure your employees know that no matter how busy you are they must always behave appropriately or face the consequences.

If you follow these four keys, you will be well on your way to running a profitable business which will be around a long time after other businesses have sunk.

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