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Digital first impressions: how to wow them online

Did you know that most people use social media when looking for potential employees or new products? This means that your digital first impression is very important. What is the first thing people see when they google your name? It is not time you found out? Here are four points to consider so that you can wow your next potential client or boss online.

Do research

When you start to create your online brand it is important to do thorough research. There are four crucial questions to ask yourself:

  1. What is your offering?
  2. Who is your target market?
  3. What channels are they using?
  4. How will you keep their interest?

When you have got your answers to these questions you can move on to create a brand which people will be willing to like, share and retweet.

Create great window dressing

With only three seconds to wow your potential client, it is important that your website or social media pages are well presented. Ensure that you have a professional headshot taken. If you present your products on social media pages, then ensure that they are well photographed. See to it that all your information is current and that the social media pages which you use are active. It is important to post something at least once a week on your public social media pages.

Keep your post positive

Whether you are marketing yourself or a product, you may want keep your personal opinions to yourself. It is important to know that whatever you say online can and will most probably be read by your next potential client or boss. Make sure that your content is positive. If you have a complaint, deal with it tactfully and ensure that no aggressive conversations are had online.

By having positive content on your social media page and website you will encourage others to see you in a favourable light and as someone who is keen to get the job done.

Write a neutral concise biography that highlights your personal and professional achievements. You can use the first person when writing a biography as it will create the space to start a conversation with your followers. Furthermore, make sure that your private accounts are set so that only your friends are able to view it.

Take care with your language usage

With most communication being done through non-verbal cues, language becomes of utmost important in the digital realm. It is important to ensure that your punctuation, grammar and spelling are correct when making posts. If possible, get someone to proofread your posts before you put them online. If you do not have someone who can read your posts, put them away for a day and re-read them before you post them online. By doing this you will ensure you have fresh eyes when you look at your post and you can eliminate the grammar gremlins that may have invaded it.

By following these four points, you will create an online image which will wow your next potential client or boss.

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