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Co-working: the benefits

According to the Global Coworking Map there are 1397 co-working spaces in the world. This shows the growth of small business as well as the desire for people to work with others who are of a like-mind. For people who are entrepreneurs and struggle with the loneliness and distractions of a home office, the co-working space may be the one for you. Here are five other benefits of co-working.

Limited overheads

By making use of a co-working space you are able to limit your overheads. Many spaces have high-speed internet, coffee stations, boardrooms, and other office conveniences. By paying a monthly rate you will have access to all of this so that you can focus on your core business and not worry about the maintenance of your office space. Furthermore, some co-working spaces have people who will assist you with your administrative duties when the need arises. This will cut down on having to hire an extra person for your business.

Networking and collaboration

By sharing an office space with a variety of business people you will be able to develop your network. You may even stumble across business opportunities which you would not have considered when working from home or a coffee shop. With a variety of people working in a co-working space you will be able to meet new friends, suppliers, or even customers.

Flexibility and scalability

Do you have a big project coming in and need to hire some freelancers to assist you? This is when co-working spaces come into their own. As you hire more individuals you can hire a bigger room, and once the project is over you can go back to your home office or a smaller room. In addition, you can grow your business and test the waters for expansion within a co-working space. When your operation grows large enough, you can move into your own office space.

Better office space and location

Maybe you can afford office space but it is not in the best part of town. Maybe your business is built on its image and location. By use co-working spaces situated in great parts of the city, you will be able to grow your business until you can afford the corner office in a building of your choice.

Change your environment

By working in co-working spaces you will be able to change your environment. This can stimulate your thought processes, and you will come up with new and extraordinary ideas for your business.

By using co-working spaces you will be able to bring your business to the next level. Not only will you be surrounded by people who do different types of work and work on a variety of projects, but you will be part of a community. Working in a co-working space is different because people are not necessarily in direct competition with you. It will also help you create a strong work persona for what you love doing.

Go out there and find your co-working space and create the business which outshines your wildest dreams.

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