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8 divergent marketing ideas for small businesses

Social media and content marketing are some of the most common marketing tools that everyone is using. It is time to think differently and try different methods to market your product or service. Here are eight divergent marketing ideas to consider.

1. The handwritten note

In a world where everything is digital and easy access, a handwritten note goes a long way to show your customer that you care about them personally. Send holiday, birthday and thank you cards to past and present clients, valued partners, vendors in your referral network, and connections who have helped you with your business. This is a cost-effective way to highlight your brand to customers and show that you care.

2. User-generated content

Ask your customers to post a photo of themselves using your product, or a tweet using a specific hashtag. Encourage their involvement by acknowledging the best photo or tweet. By getting your customers to create content and advocate your brand you will be able to get more return on your investment with minimum capital outlay for the promotion.

3. Affiliate programme

This method is where you give commission to people who direct customers to your website to make purchases. A blogger or reviewer writes an article on your product and then uses a link which will direct the potential buyer to your merchant website. By doing this the blogger will earn a commission of each sale.

4. Video marketing 

With people becoming more visual and enjoying bite-sized information, video marketing has gained popularity. By creating a 2-3 minute video promoting your product or solving a customer’s problem, you could encourage the potential client to read more of your content or share your brand with their community. You may even make a sale.

5. Events

Be a speaker at events which are related to the product or service you are selling. By teaching workshops or speaking at such events you will improve your credibility and further the reach of your brand.

6. Business competitions

By entering business competitions, you will be able to promote your brand. You can advertise your participation in the competition, and should you place high you can remark on this too. Should you win, you will get a badge which you can place your website to increase your credibility.

7. Limited edition products or services

Who doesn’t like a limited edition version of something? This can be achieved just by changing the packaging of the product to match the season, for example, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Creating a limited edition product gives people the experience of feeling like a VIP.

8. Articles

Write articles for trade magazines or newspapers. These articles usually allow you to link back to your website so that you will drive clients to your business. Furthermore, new clients may be encouraged to follow you because of the knowledge which you have shared with them.

Go out and try these divergent marketing methods to promote your product in places where your competition may not be. By thinking outside of the box and striving to get your brand noticed you will be able to generate more leads.

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