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Get your business onto the Shop Small Network

The Shop Small Network, the national network of small businesses, is officially launched and will now be the focal point of the Shop Small and Small Business Friday Movement (South Africa’s biggest and most powerful movement that mobilises the nation to support their local small businesses).

It is where business, government and the consumer will find and support their local small businesses. TheShop Small Network is the ultimate platform for SMEs to boost sales and drive cash into their businesses. It is about building a customer base quickly and boosting the top line aggressively. A digital profile on this platform is exclusive to NSBC Members. Immediately after joining as an NSBC Member the digital profile is automatically uploaded onto this business-boosting platform.

Mike Anderson, founder and CEO of the NSBC, says that entrepreneurship is one of the cornerstones of the South African economy and it is thus vital to sustain this sector: “The Shop Small and Small Business Friday Movement has gained incredible momentum over the past six years, the NSBC is very proud of the progress. It remains important to keep reminding people to get involved and support small business.”

Anderson says that the support has been incredible: “The NSBC is grateful for the enormous, nationwide support for this special movement. It’s a 365-day high action drive, peaking on Small Business Friday, the first Friday of spring every year. We have no doubt that the Shop Small Movement and Small Business Friday is bringing about positive change and growth for all small businesses.”

Anderson says that by simply committing to a few simple tasks, will help continue to elevate the drive and of course strengthen the small business sector. The direct effect is alleviating unemployment, driving job creation and nurturing the country’s entrepreneurial spirit.

3 ways to support Shop Small and Small Business Friday TODAY and EVERYDAY:

1. Pledge Your Support
Visit or and pledge your support on the pledge wall.

2. Support the ‘Small’ on the Shop Small Network
Choose to support your local small businesses today and everyday by going to and finding the business you need.  

3. Social Media Posts
Encourage your social media followers to support #SmallBizFriday and #ShopSmallSA.  Retweet, Share or Comment on Shop Small / Small Business Friday posts on our social media channels:

Facebook: @SmallBizFriday
Twitter: @SmallBizFriday
Instagram: @SmallBizFriday

For more information, visit or

To find out more about how to get your business onto the Shop Small Network CLICK HERE.