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How to do business with China if you’re a small business

Article by China Homelife Fair and China Machinex 

You have made the decision to do business with China, but you are not sure where and how to start the journey. Here are some simple and easy guidelines to steer you in the right direction.

Be clear

It is vital that, before you conduct business with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, you know what products you are looking to source, the quality of the products you are looking for, as well as the quantity. Have a specific budget in mind (allowing for shipping costs). This will help you in negotiating with the right Chinese supplier.

Do your research

Living in the technological era allows you, as a small business owner, the opportunity to do extensive research not only on the product you wish to purchase but the supplier you would like to conduct business with. Take it even one step further by talking with buyers who already do business with the suppliers you have in mind. Request testimonials and audit the company prior to purchasing from it.

Make use of the platforms available to you

Apart from the wealth of information available to you online, there are specific platforms designed to help you do business directly with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. These platforms, such as a sourcing fair, provide a safe and structured environment for you to source the right products at the right prices. At a show for example, make use of the complimentary Mandarin translators who will help you conduct business effortlessly, avoiding miscommunicated talking points and discussions.

Sample the product and request an audit

Before buying large quantities of the products you need to make your business a success, ensure that you are happy with the product by requesting a sample. Test the product out and do a quality check. It is also vital to request an audit of the factory and company you wish to purchase goods from. This can be done, either by inspecting the facilities yourself or through an auditor based in China.

Sign the deal

Once you are happy with the product and the supplier, and have arranged your shipping itinerary and costs, draw up a contract between the supplier and yourself. The contract must stipulate dates for distribution, shipping dates as well as quality control and inspection prior to leaving China.

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