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8 Steps to building your dream team for your small business

When it comes to building a great business, one of the things which may not be considered is “who are you employing?” This question is critical as the people you employ will become the future brand ambassadors for your product or service. Here are some steps to think about when putting together your dream team.

1. Define what skills or talents you need at the time

It is important to look at your business and see where the talent is lacking. What skills do you need to have make your business shine? At this point it is important to think of the big picture and think beyond the basic skills such as customer service and finance. Furthermore, do not look at the staff and try to evaluate who has these skills as this will come later. Here we just want a list of skills and talent that you need to run your business optimally.

2. Check what talent you have within your business

Look at the people who are already in your business and see how they can satisfy the talents that you require. You may be surprised that some of your employees already possess many of the talents or skills you require.

3. Look for new hires

For those talents which cannot be satisfied by what you have in-house, you will need to look for them in your new hires.

4. Find out why people will leave your business and who is promotable

It is important to look at your staff and see you will leave and the potential reasons why they will leave. If they are a valuable asset to the company, you may want to find out ways to retain them if you can. If you see employees who are hungry for growth it is important to put a system in place which will let the employee grow and be able to take over successfully.

5. Build a talent map

With the information above you can build a visual diagram to highlight the growth of your business. You will then be able to write a detailed job advert which you can promote on social media sites like LinkedIn.

6. Set clear goals and jobs for each role

It is important that you set out clear achievable goals and timelines which your staff can measure against so that know what they need to do to be successful. This will boast their morale when they know what is required from them.

7. Study your employees and play to their strengths

Not everyone has the same work style, so it is important to watch the way your employee works, what motivates them, how do they communicate and what is their passion? By having answers to these questions you will be able to encourage them to give you their best. People’s work styles should not be used as an excuse for bad behaviour but should be taken into account where conflict situations occur.

8. Give them freedom with responsibility.

When you growing your business it may be hard to hand over the reins to employees to make decisions about the business you have nurtured from the beginning but It is important for both you and your business. By giving some control over to your employees they will be able to grow in their positions. Furthermore, you will show them you trust them to make good decisions with the business in mind. By doing this you will create great advocates for your business.

By following these steps, you will be well on your way to building a dream team in your company.

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