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Important Mobile Security Update

Article provided by Norton by Symantec

Over the last few days, you probably saw extensive media coverage about a malware outbreak on Android phones called “Judy”.  This malware is downloaded to devices by apps that were widely available in the Google Android Play store.  As described by security firm Checkpoint, Judy was discovered in 41 different apps, all published by a Korean developer called ENISTUDIO.  The apps initially appeared to be well behaved and passed the Google vetting process.  However, the apps communicated with a command and control server that replied with a malicious payload.  Then the apps served up adverts to the device, providing click-through revenue to the malware operator.

Norton Mobile Security (NMS) helps detect these malicious apps and will warn users of the danger they pose.  Users who have already downloaded these apps should follow the NMS recommendation to remove them immediately.

Additionally, the App Advisor for Google Play feature for NMS helps warn users of the risks associated with these apps even before they are downloaded.

Android users should ensure that they have NMS installed and activated on their devices to help provide a layer of protection against problematic apps.  There have been a large number of malicious apps identified over the last few months and it is critical that users understand the risks associated and how they can make their personal data on their devices vulnerable.

Norton Mobile Security provides protection for users and their data by helping block any new malware as soon as it is identified by our security researchers.

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