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South Africa launches massive start-up initiative

Start-up funding

Article provided by Altovation launched as potentially one of South Africa’s largest start-up initiatives ever. More than 2,000 people will have an opportunity to benefit directly from the free training offered by the programme. The initiative is aimed at creating a new approach to entrepreneurship in South Africa by assisting businesses to de-risk their chances of starting up.

“We have analysed that makes businesses fail, and we have developed a programme that helps people turn ideas into sales.”, says Riaan Steenberg, CEO of Altovation.

The initiative invites anyone with an idea and will assist in a structured process to get up to 400 businesses fundable. In addition, there is the commitment from funders to evaluate these business cases and to ensure that the maximum number of them can be funded. In addition to potential funding, there is a massive amount of support provided to entrepreneurs to succeed.

Every entrepreneur that enters this process will benefit. Entrepreneurs will be assisted by going through a well-designed process that assists with starting up. The initiative is launching in 14 locations in South Africa and applications are currently open until 23 July 2017. In addition, the initiative is seeking to run semi-annually, ensuring a change in the way that we think about the possibility of starting up in South Africa.

Funding applies to people with ideas and growing businesses that are looking to expand. The program takes businesses through a planning process that creates a fundable business case and then participants work with funders to refine their concepts.

Run by the local company, Altovation Consulting – the initiative is strongly focused on enabling start-ups to succeed.

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