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The quality control process

Making sure your Chinese products are up to your standards

Article provided by China Homelife Fair and China Machinex 

There is a misconception regarding importing Chinese products from suppliers, one that alludes to the quality of products manufactured in China. It is important to note that most Chinese suppliers will make a product based on the requirements of the buyer. The cheaper the product is to manufacture, the poorer the quality will be. It is up to the buyer to specify the quality of the product prior to signing the contract. However, the quality control process is vital in ensuring that when you receive your final shipment from China, your products are up to your standards.

1. Discuss the quality

In initial discussions with your Chinese supplier, make sure to bring up quality control and the process you would like to follow to ensure your products are up to your standards. Upon agreement, include the quality control process in your contract, setting the process in stone.

2. Inspect the quality

When meeting with a potential Chinese supplier, they are more than likely to bring examples of the products you are looking for. Inspect the product, not only for its functions but assess the quality of each product in front of you.

3. Get Samples

You have now made the agreement with your Chinese supplier. Before they go into mass production, ship in a few samples of the products you will be ordering. This is to ensure that you will receive the exact product you first inspected when meeting with your Chinese supplier. Further inspect the quality of the product.

4. Test the quality

Finally, to ensure overall success and great products, make sure to not only inspect the samples you receive, but to test them out (where applicable). Take the time to make sure that there is consistency in production. Take your feedback back to the supplier before they go into final production, and remember to do a quality control check when you receive your large shipment.

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