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How technology can drive growth for an emerging business – tips and tactics for growth

Article provided by Fatality Marketing

Are you searching for top tips for small business growth? As a growth-focused entrepreneur, one way to expand your business is by using technology. The reason is that if you opt to use traditional means, they may cost you time and effort while giving you minimum returns on your investment (ROI).

Fortunately, technology has made these tedious and challenging processes easier and convenient. That is because technology integration and its innovations have enabled you to create an effective avenue for growing and running your business.

You may be at a loss or asking yourself how to go about using technology to build your startup or small business. This post gives you fives top ways to grow your small business using modern technology.

Project management systems

One tip for growing your business is by using project management systems that are web-based. They are available on the internet if you are not familiar with them. They enable you to carry out all your transactions without the traditional paperwork.

Project management systems allow you to schedule your workload, have to-do lists and have calendar features. These features of web-based project management systems are produced efficiently to ensure the running of your business is convenient and efficient.

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Automate your tasks

One of the best tips for small business growth is to automate your tasks, which saves you time. The reason is that many processes consume a lot of your business’ time, which in turn reduces productivity. If you notice some things are similar, the best way is using technology to solve it. For instance, your business may involve subscription through emails.

The best way to deal with this scenario is by finding an application that allows you to send the same format and greeting every time you have a new subscriber on your page. The reason is that generating and composing emails each time reduces productivity and profits in general.

Social media

If you deal with firms that rely on the internet, social media is one efficient way to fulfill and accomplish business tactics such as reaching your target audience, expanding social marketing techniques or strategies, and finding new opportunities or possibilities in matters relating to income, profit and growth.


Teleconferencing is one of the most common tactics that every small business is doing for their growth. Because of innovations and new technology products, it has been made more efficient. No matter your location around the globe, you can see all your clients and team members.

You can also have meetings whether for simple reasons or during emergencies, which enables you to communicate your concerns to each member efficiently. Teleconferencing allows you to work on documents or files that need urgent attention. It lets you save on costs, for example, travelling to your physical offices to carry out these tasks.

Power of the Cloud

Among the top tips for small business growth is using cloud systems. The reason is that they are in demand because of their efficiency. Many tech companies have created many small business tools that make every entrepreneur or business person manage their ventures well.

Using the cloud, you will have more space and storage for your type of activity, especially if it is involved with the internet along with files and documents. Bear in mind that there is a lot of cloud software that available free but with limited storage and space. It means you can use them to store soft copies such as documents and data files.

Final Thoughts

The above informative article on top tips for small business growth should make you consider using technology to grow your business. The reason is that you will save yourself time and effort cutting costs, for example, by using teleconferencing, and storing your data safely using the power of the cloud. The result is that your emerging business will grow at a faster rate.

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