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How to create an investor presentation

You have booked the time to pitch your idea to a potential investor. Now what? Many entrepreneurs are not great speakers or struggle to share their ideas. Here are some helpful tips to create an investor presentation to wow your audience.

Limit the number of slides

An ideal presentation will be between 10 and 15 slides. Do not make more, you will only bore your audience. Ensure that you use visuals to support the verbal presentation you are giving.

Explain the problem you will solve with your product or service

It is important to highlight what the customer’s issue is and how you will solve it. Additionally, you can highlight how your product will solve these problems better than your competitors.

Tell a story

Investors are interested in the passion you have for your product or service. Do not just talk about the figures -though these are important- but also give a short history of what has happened to bring you to this point in your career. Angel investors especially enjoy seeing the heart behind the product.

Leave the arrogance and attitude at the door

Be as prepared as possible. Be confident. Do not let criticism become personal but rather take in the feedback and use it to improve your presentation for the next opportunity. Be aware that when people ask tough questions or disregard your key points then it is not a personal attack but your presentation has not been able to convince them that your product is the best. Respect the people who are giving you feedback by acknowledging the feedback and then saying how you have solved the challenge they have highlighted.

Introduce your team as soon as possible

If some members of your team can join you and speak about their part in the project the better. By show the team you have and who are supporting you, you can gain the interest of the investors. You could also play videos of clients who are happy with the product you selling.

Here are the sections which you should have in your presentation;

A cover page:
This should have a logo, your company name and a catchphrase which encompasses what your company does. Furthermore, ensure your contact details are on the front page.

Company facts:
Highlight your unique selling proposition. If you have customers, highlight the big names who do business with you. List any patents or intellectual property you may own.

The problem:
Spell out the problem which your product will solve.

The solution:
How your product or service will solve the problem. You can also highlight how your competitor’s failure at solving the problem satisfactorily.

Your game plan:
What potential customers have you sourced? How will you spend the money if you get the investment and how will you pay back the investor? You should also highlight in your game plan what strategies you have in place to increase growth.

Your core team:
Highlight who the members are of your team. Write one or two lines about the qualifications of the team members and how they will support the growth of your business.

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