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How to land your first customers

A new business usually has the top goal of “getting customers”. Not only that, but they also want “loyal” customers that will come back again and again. These initial customers bring revenue and help pave the path of sustainability and growth of the brand and its underlying products and services.

But, how can a business with no track record secure a new customer? Consider the following five ways to start with:

Give free samples to influencers

Influencers are people such as well-known bloggers who have a lot of followers online. They usually welcome the opportunity to try out new products and write honest reviews. By telling their followers about you and your product, you are able to galvanise great brand exposure, while spending virtually nothing.

Use the influence of word-of-mouth

Encourage people who have used your products to talk about it with other people (unofficial brand ambassadors).

The public is more likely to trust a fellow customer’s recommendation about a product.

Advertise your products

Direct advertising has been used for many decades, but it has become a lot more sophisticated because of changing consumer trends. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending an arm and a leg though, as there are cheaper and more targeted forms of advertising on digital platforms. These include social media and placed adverts on certain websites, in order to drive specific target consumers to your sales’ platforms.

Give them something to make them come back for more

This can, for instance, be a loyalty programme that earns customers a discount after a certain number of purchases. A good example includes collecting a certain number of stickers with purchases, which can then be redeemed for a free product.

Partner with a more established business

A well-known business selling complementary products can help you gain new customers. If you have a new bakery, for example, you can have your products sold at a coffee shop nearby with information on your business on the packaging to make people aware of your unique brand.

Getting the name of your brand out there is one of the most important aspects of securing your first customers. This can be achieved through various marketing techniques and platforms – such as developing a responsive website, an effective social media presence and even simply handing out informative flyers at certain strategic parts of town.

Word-of-mouth recommendations from ordinary people and getting influencers to talk about your business online can help you gain new customers with ease. In addition, giving the new customers a reason to want to return to you will go a long way towards helping you not only attract them, but keep them supporting you for many years.

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