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8 ways to build your customer base

Customers are essential to any business, therefore it is crucial that you create leads and take care of your existing clients. But how do you go about it? What steps can you take to increase or maintain your customer base? Here are eight steps to help build your customer base.

1. Know your customer well

If you have a database of customers, you can review the basic attributes of your customer like: where do they live? how old are they? And what products do they buy? By knowing who your customer is, you will be able to target your marketing specifically towards your client.

2. Get personal

Many people believe business to be impersonal but it is time to get personal in business. People like to be considered as individuals and to have a custom experience based on their needs. You can do this by checking what they spend with you and sending them a personalized newsletter with products or services which would appeal to their specific needs.

3. Offer brilliant customer service

This is probably the easiest way to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd: brilliant customer service. If you get back to customers in a timeously manner, greet them with a smile and satisfy their need then you will be leading the pack.

Furthermore, happy customers may increase your customer base through word of mouth by telling their friends about the excellent service they received from you. Be aware that should people not receive good service from you, they will generally not complain. Most of the time, they will just not purchase from you again. In addition, they will spread news about their negative experience to their friends and family.

4. Offer something for free

Get a list of customers by offering your potential client a free item when they register on your website. This could be a newsletter, a consultation or e-book. By giving your customer some free information before they asked; you will encourage them to take advantage of your products in the future.

5. Ensure your website is up-to-date and has great content

Put content on your website which addresses the problems which your potential client could have. By showing that you understand the problem on a deeper level you will encourage your customer to do business with you.

6. Go networking

Visit your local trade show or business chapter. By networking you can build relationships which may lead to fresh sales leads.  If you nurture and assist these leads, then when they mature you may have some new clients.

7. Partner with a complementary business

This kind of relationship can be symbiotic. You will both have access to each other’s customer base and be able to grow your business together. If you are a bakery, you could partner with a coffee shop. They could sell your baked goods in their shop and you can sell their coffee at the events which you would attend.

8. Use social media

Social media is a very effective tool to use to expand your customer base. You can build a persona around your brand which will attract customers who share in your ideals. In addition, your existing customers can help to promote your latest product or titbit of information through sharing, tweeting and pinning.

Ensure that you are always adding value to your customer and you will be well on your way to building your customer base. Growing your customer base takes time but it is important to constantly be at it as it is the life blood of your business.

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