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Sourcing quality products from China

Article by China Homelife Fair and China Machinex

There is a common misperception about products that are imported from Chinese manufacturers. The misconception is – that all products sourced from China are of poor quality.  Whilst in many instances, you may find poor quality products in businesses and shops that are made in China; what you might not know is that these products are manufactured according to budget, and are quality-approved by the company sourcing them.

It is worth taking note that Chinese manufacturers will produce products according to very specific requirements from the buyer or company. If a buyer is looking for low-quality products to fit their budget and needs, then the manufacturer will produce the products accordingly, if a buyer is looking for a high-end, quality product, then the Chinese manufacturer will produce the product in line with their quality specifications. It comes down to one thing, the needs and budget of the buyer.

When you next source products from Chinese manufacturers, it is important to remember the following before going into production:

  1. You as the buyer, are responsible for checking that the products you are sourcing are in accordance with your business’ quality control needs.
  2. Your budget and the quantity of the products you wish to order, will determine the quality of the order.
  3. Make sure to check the quality of each sample product provided as well as the pre-order samples.

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