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Fare star gives club travel corporate’s clients an all-access pass to international travel

Article provided by Club Travel Corporate

Due to the volatility of our local currency, international travel budgeting is becoming increasingly challenging for South African based companies. This may seem obvious. However, add to this the fact that international airlines restrict the seat inventory they show to various markets based on the strength and stability of that market’s local currency, and the challenges are amplified.

Not having access to all the cheaper available airline seats often results in compromises that negatively impact operations and budgets; whether due to availability, alternate dates and times, non-direct flights, diversions or stay-overs.

“The old adage ‘time is money’ is no more true than in the business space,” says Wally Gaynor Managing Director of Club Travel Corporate. “Our clients demand and rely on travel management solutions that offer them great returns, not only in terms of their travel experiences, but in terms of their investments as well.”

As GlobalStar’s exclusive South African partner, Club Travel Corporate has access to Fare Star, an online air-travel booking tool that gives Club Travel Corporate full access to seat inventory from over 1000 airlines and 50 countries. “Club Travel Corporate is the only local travel management company with access to Fare Star,” says Gaynor. “Giving us exclusive access to worldwide markets, fares and availability.”

Fare Star enables Club Travel Corporate’s travel booking agent to manage travel to and from multiple countries irrespective of whether or not the travel route touches South Africa. This allows a dedicated Club Travel Corporate account manager to manage a multi-national account from one location.

“Fare Star is an undeniable advantage in our industry, with some of our clients saving over 50% on their international airfare costs through Club Travel Corporate,” says Gaynor. “We are obviously doing something right in an Industry where sales are flat on just a 1% increase over the previous year, Club Travel Corporates growth in Air Ticket Sales is in excess of 60%.”

However, this is not just a disruptor using technology to give their clients access to better fares and availability than their competitors can. “Although Fare Star supports and strengthens our comprehensive range of corporate travel management services online and offline, it is our insightful and efficient service and delivery, plus accurate and intelligent reporting that truly sets us apart,” concludes Gaynor.

There seems to be no respite in sight for our fluctuating Rand with the constant threat of our downgrade to junk status by international credit rating agencies. At least, when it comes to travel, with Club Travel Corporate’s Fare Star access, it won’t affect businesses’ efficient international operations.

Club Travel Corporate is a proud Partner of the NSBC.