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The importance of upselling and cross-selling

Article provided by Stuart Miller – Matrix Marketing, Sales Director

How many people realise that every time you order a McDonald’s meal, the servers and cashiers are trained to upsell and cross-sell?

“May I have a Big Mac?”

“Sure sir, do you want fries with that?” (Cross-sell)

“Yes please.”

“Medium or large sir?” (Upsell)

“Large please.”

“Sir would you like a coke with your meal?” (Cross-sell)

“Yes please.”

“Medium or large sir?” (Upsell)

Even though you’ve ordered once, you’ve made multiple purchases. Most sales people are taught to stop selling once they get the order and more often than not they do, but to ensure that you add value or show additional worth, it’s always a good idea to keep an ace up your sleeve.

Leave some arrows in your quiver to ensure that you’re able to grow the client and generate continuous revenue. I guarantee your sales will grow above required management and industry growth.

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