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Who said curiosity killed the cat?

Stuart Miller from Matrix Marketing

Having spent most of my life in sales, it has become abundantly clear that the more you interrogate a prospect, the more chance there is that he or she will spill enough information to allow you to identify pain points within their environment.

I always laugh and say that by the time I’m done with my visit, the prospect might feel as though he has had his extremities secured with battery clamps and water dripped on his forehead because of my interrogation.

Sometimes, it even works to spend an entire meeting asking questions, gathering information and analyzing what works and what doesn’t because in most cases, your prospect oozes valuable information that you can use to fill in the gaps.

My MD always says it’s because of my curiosity that I am able to ask the questions I do and I certainly don’t apologise for it. In fact, I never ever hear of tortured or dead cats after my cross-examination filled curiosity.

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