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Setting tangible, achievable family-specific goals

Article by Stuart Miller from Matrix Marketing

Last week I sat with one of our sales execs and in simple conversation, asked him if he had a goal list? He said he knows what he wants but doesn’t have it documented anywhere.

So many times I hear people say they have goals, aspirations for bigger and better, needs for more and more; yet they have no clear path mapped out. Don’t be mistaken, I have been there too. To the place where you want the latest car, a bigger house, nicer clothes and a fatter savings account.

It’s all good and well to want these things but how can you expect to acquire them if you haven’t mapped out a clear, easy-to-see route to get there?

You never travel to a destination that you’ve never visited before without a plan on how to get there. Why aren’t we doing the same with our goals? And by making your goals more family-orientated, you’ll be even more determined to reach them.

Share your goals with your spouse so that it’s even more satisfying and rewarding when you achieve them.

There and then, my exec wrote down what he wanted and by when. It’s now on his fridge.

Every time he needs a snack, he’s reminded of his goals. I suspect it will only be removed when he’s achieved those goals. Do the same and you could see your refrigerator filling up along with your asset base.

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