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How to create a professional business image on a limited budget

A common complaint from small businesses is that they don’t have the budget to come across as professional. People do not trust them and they don’t have the marketing budgets of big business to portray a professional image. So what should you do to add the spit and polish to your business?

Get a website

Many people go online to find the product or service they need. If you are not on the internet, you could potentially be missing out on some customers. There are online website-building sites (WordPress or Wix) which you could use to build your site but they may be to standard for your image and you could struggle to develop the site into what you need. It would be advisable to approach a graphic designer and web developer to create a website which will compliment your business. If you can’t afford a web designer, then you could look at hiring an intern who would be willing to create the site for a recommendation or university credits. If you do choose to develop your website on your own, then make sure you pay a little extra to customize the template so that you can insert your own logo on to the site. When you start off you may only need a basic site which tells your potential customer what you do and how they can get hold of you. The final point to remember is to ensure you keep your website up to date. If you have a blog, ensure you post to it regularly.

Use social media

Social media offers low to no cost marketing opportunities. Make sure you are always professional on your social media. Ensure that your brand’s tone and style are consistent over each platform. Remember that social media is an extension of your website. You can use it to drive potential customers to your website.


Visit events and exhibitions which are relevant to your industry. By going to these events you will be kept up to date about your industry and you can create brand awareness for your product. You may even meet people who are willing to collaborate with you on a project.

Use co-working spaces

Many small businesses don’t have or need a rented office but when meeting a customer, your house or the local coffee shop could be full of distractions and noise. This is when it is important to look for a space which you can rent per hour to host important meetings. The added bonus of using this type of resource is that they will have all the equipment you will need to have a professional meeting.

Get business cards

It is important to be able to give out a business card when you meet potential clients. Being able to share your details with a business card will increase your professionalism. There are a few online sites where you can design and print your business cards online.

These five points are a few ways of getting a professional look for your business so that you can gain the trust of your potential customers.

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