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Save money, get support and grow your business

Show the world that you are serious about your business and join the most powerful network of 127 000 innovators, entrepreneurs and business owners.

The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC), established in 2007, has become the driving force which fuels small business growth. The real purpose behind the organisation is to foster the sustainability and growth of the SME sector, drive job creation, alleviate unemployment and nurture the country’s entrepreneurial spirit.

The NSBC, where small business is big business, is committed to helping SMEs grow, learn, network, connect, be inspired, succeed and have fun. The NSBC digs deep by constantly researching, conceiving and developing unique and meaningful success mechanisms for our Members. To expand on this, whatever we do at the NSBC is always based on findings of our ongoing large scale national surveys. We constantly address the challenges, needs and wants of our Members. In this way the NSBC can give its Members the extra edge to survive, build infrastructure, employ others and prosper.

Because of our innovative and value-driven member benefit offering, the NSBC has become the largest organisation of its kind in Africa and one of the fastest growing organisations of its kind in the world.

Our Members form part of the epicentre of the NSBC. We know its tough out there, but we also know there are always better ways to travel the path to success. The NSBC has become a major force and voice, and will do whatever it takes to make a positive difference to the every-day life of South Africa’s SME Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

The NSBC has grown in leaps and bounds. Our member base growth has been incredible. Big Business and Government engage with us frequently now. They are listening to our concerns related to the challenges and needs of SMEs. We are constantly at the coal face fighting the good fight and striving to create the ideal environment for our Members to thrive.

Here is a brief overview of the Member Benefit Offering:

  • Receive on-going business referrals throughout the year.
  • Seize value-driven amazing specials from leading industry brands.
  • Get a guaranteed nomination to enter the South African Small Business Awards.
  • Network and build many new relationships. Meet and network with experts, business leaders and fellow business owners throughout the year.
  • Be invited to breakfast networks, conferences, expos, road shows and awards functions.
  • Receive free daily success tips and advice through the weekly My Business Mag and The Small Business Site.
  • Boost your business and get big exposure on high profile digital platforms.
  • Have access to a full circle ‘help-me’ service on all matters related to starting out or growing a business.

To get more information on member benefits and to join, click here.