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The ultimate digital marketing checklist for start-ups

Digital marketing refers to advertising which is done through digital channels like search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. There are seven factors which are critical to think about when doing digital marketing.

Review what you have done

If you have done a digital marketing strategy before you need to review what you have done. See which channels were successful and which ones were not.

Create a brand persona

For digital, you need a brand persona which is replicated throughout your brand. It is the story which you tell your audience no matter which digital platform you choose.

Get a website

The website is the foundation for any digital strategy. You will direct all your marketing efforts to your website, so it is critical to your marketing. Having a website will also add to your credibility. Your website should be mobile-friendly. There should be a blog on it which is updated regularly. There should be a comprehensive “about” page which encourages people to connect with your brand. In addition, you should have links for social sharing so that your blogs can be shared by your followers.

Create great content

Content is crucial for all the digital channels. You will need to create concise and easy digestible content for your audience. You are writing for your audience not for you. You should create a content calendar which highlights the various content you will create throughout the year. You can also consider guest posting on other influencer’s websites. Ensure that the content you create is shared via all your social networks. Remember that content you create can be repackaged. If you have created a series of blogs you could bring them together to form an e-book.

Get social

Even though there are many social media platforms you don’t need to be on all of them. You should claim your brand on all the platforms but keep your focus on one or two. Furthermore, you should create a social media post calendar so that you know when you will post. In social media, it is about the conversation and engagement. Don’t send out too many sales posts else your followers may not continue to follow you.

Use email marketing

The majority of consumers choose email when asked how they would prefer to hear from a company. This will give you a regular platform to communicate with your consumers. You should ensure the content of your email is interesting and relevant. You must also ensure you send out an email on a regular basis. When you start your email marketing you can setup a newsletter template which you just need to fill in with the relevant information. Besides newsletters there are other types of emails you can send to your consumers and by checking the analytics you can see which work best for your audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is crucial to assist in the ranking of your website online. You need to do your research to see where you and your competitors rank when you do various searches. Choose the right keywords for your website and blog. Also be aware of voice-first SEO strategies where people are using their voice to make searches online especially from mobile devices. You can use SEO tools to check your site and see how you can improve it.

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