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epic ERP makes child’s play out of data gathering

Press Release provided by epic ERP

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term everyone is talking about. The adoption of connected devices has exploded in the past few years and today every new appliance and electronic device that is being built has a “smart” element to it. It’s predicted there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020.

With billions of bytes of data created every day, the questions is:  What do you do with this data?

“Medium-sized businesses that want to expand and be competitive in their industries, need to start using their data in a more meaningful way,” says Stuart Scanlon, managing director for epic ERP, the official Southern African distribution partner for Epicor Software Corporation. “By using data intelligently, a business will boost productivity, increase profitability and open themselves up to new opportunities, all of which help to future-proof the business.”

According to Scanlon, gathering data is the easy part, what really matters is what you do with it. A modern, cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution like Epicor ERP can take the simplest device and process data in an intelligent way, so that a business can proactively use the information to make smarter decisions.

“With a modern ERP solution we can take a device like Scalextric and show you how the right software can gather meaningful data and turn this child’s toy into an intelligent device,” says Scanlon.

epic ERP are proud Partner’s of the NSBC.


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epic ERP is the official Southern African distributor for Epicor Software Corporation. For more information visit

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