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How to turn browsers into buyers

Do you think turning browsers into buyers is an insurmountable task? Do the browsers in your store irritate you? They shouldn’t. Browsers are potential customers who through a few well executed strategies may become your best customers. How do you turn browsers into buyers?

Be personal

Greet your customer when they enter your store. Through this interaction you could find out if your customer is after a specific item or just browsing. You could also find out what they interested in. If you offer them an item and it doesn’t fulfil their need ask them why? The answer could help you to reassess your merchandising or pricing strategy. By interacting with your customer, you start a connection. If your store is online, then you should make sure your landing page is friendly. If the customer came through a lead you should make sure that the page reflects what the customer was looking for. If they don’t make a purchase, you could entice them to leave their email address for a newsletter. So that you can remain front and centre when they do decide to make a purchase.

Have stock

Nothing hurts your sales more than being out of stock or having wrongly priced or labelled stock. When a customer wants to make a purchase they want the item to be readily available. People usually go to a shop with the intention of make a purchase when they can’t find what they looking for they will go somewhere else. So make sure you have stock available when your client comes knocking.

Be well staffed

Have you ever walked into a shop and there is no salesperson to be seen or the queue to pay is exceedingly long. It is important to have your staff available when you expect to have high amount of people. If you get most of your traffic during lunch, ensure that your staff take lunch before then or after the rush. If you need to accept deliveries, try to get them to deliver during your off-peak times. By being efficient during high traffic times, your browsers will be turned into buyers as they can see that they will be attended to quickly. Another aspect on staff is to have well trained staff. You want people who are friendly and outgoing. They must be willing to share their knowledge about your products and the different ways they can benefit your client. The reason being that sometimes clients don’t know what they looking for but if you can show them a solution they like, they will be more enticed to buy your solution.

Provide an easy way to check-out

People, nowadays are in a hurry and looking for simple ways to make purchases. If you own a brick and mortar shop you could invest in a self-service check out system. If you are an online store, make sure that cart is visible on all the pages. Allow your customer to make a guest checkout. You can always offer a newsletter registration at the end of the transaction. By offering guest checkouts, you will entice more sales conversions.

By following these four strategies you could be well on your way to turning browsers into buyers.

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