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Visualise your success until you live it

By Mike Anderson (NSBC Founder & CEO)

Most of the working world never realise success, in fact only 5% are successful and 1% are super successful. Plenty of time, effort and sweat is needed before seeing things come to fruition and yes, we become successful because we choose too and by the actions we take.

Whether or not you’re an established entrepreneur or just starting out on your journey, there are particular traits you’ll usually find operating within the exceptional entrepreneur. In fact, there are certain key traits you’ll generally discover deeply embedded within the exceptional and successful entrepreneur.

They treat everyone with equal respect – no one is above or below them

The successful entrepreneur recognises that no one is above or below them. With an attitude of respect for others, the successful entrepreneur gains the respect from everyone they encounter. Strategies, attitudes and methods filter down to each person and reflect on all actions and activities. A successful entrepreneur gives everyone the space to be great and surrounds themselves with better people and better systems.

They live their journey with persistence, determination and self-discipline

The savvy entrepreneur is good at trusting their own ideas and instincts. Starting out as an entrepreneur requires persistence, determination and a high level of self-discipline. Continuing as a successful entrepreneur requires even more persistence, determination and self-discipline. The wise and successful entrepreneur works hard in developing a high level of confidence. An unwavering self-belief and super self-confidence is achieved through thinking big but initially adopting the magic of tiny steps. They start with setting small goals that are easily achieved and then move onto bigger goals. What happens is that every goal they set, they achieve. Imagine that every goal you set you achieve, you will become supremely confident and you will have no doubt in your own success journey.

They always follow a plan

The successful entrepreneur follows a plan. Trial and error have no place for the triumphant entrepreneur, for no one gets to their destination without a map or a guide to follow. That doesn’t mean that they do not go off course if another road seems better, but it’s still more effective to have a plan in place. It should include marketing strategies, goals, intentions, ideas and what can you do better than your competition. A business plan should be reviewed and updated periodically for each new idea stirs and inspires other ideas.

They permanently search for a better way of doing things

Successful entrepreneurs are not afraid of thinking creatively. Whether a business idea has already been tried makes no difference to the exceptional entrepreneur. They search for better ways of doing things and know that every idea can be expanded upon, made better, enhanced or broadened. The successful entrepreneur is willing to think outside the box, which means using imagination, trying new things and expanding on a vision. The savvy entrepreneur pays careful attention as to whether a particular strategy is working. In case of a defect they should move on to another approach and idea.

They focus on what they do best

Successful entrepreneurs realise that they have their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as a multitude of skills and talents. Successful people ask themselves often what skills they have that no one shares in quite the same way. An exceptional and successful entrepreneur explores their particular skills until they find the ones that match most closely with their ideal. They don’t try to be and do everything. The successful entrepreneur stays open to change for they recognise that as they move forward, doors open in unexpected places that carry them to their next level of success.

They visualise and feel their success until they live it

The successful entrepreneur gives time to envisioning how they want their business to look and how they want it to be. Intention is a powerful and dynamic tool. For those who are not inclined towards intention and visualisation, talk to a successful athlete and you’ll discover that before each sporting event, the successful athlete envisions exactly how he or she wants things to turn out. Imagine what it will feel like when you’ve reached a particular set of goals. Get in touch with the feelings you’d have as a successful entrepreneur. Practice and conceive the sense of empowerment and the joy of having succeeded.

Most importantly, they never surrender

Giving up is never in the vocabulary of the successful entrepreneur. Of course, there may be days when a successful entrepreneur feels discouraged or disappointed, but giving up is not an option. Having faith, trust, confidence and determination are the qualities needed for the successful entrepreneur. The smart and successful entrepreneur embraces perseverance and persistence.  They realise that there will be good days and not so good days. Being a successful entrepreneur requires accepting the ebbs and flows of business for it is in fact this that separates the exceptional and successful entrepreneur from the one who gives up far too soon.