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Offer employees a “hand up”, not a ‘hand out’

Promoting financially fit employees is essential for the success of your business

Article provided by Debt Rescue

Employees’ personal financial difficulties take a huge toll on work performance and, ultimately, your business’ bottom line. Usually, when employees are stressed, they’re less likely to focus on their careers and need more time to resolve personal, legal and other issues that come with financial difficulties. Financial stress can affect any of your employees, regardless of how high their salaries are.

Are any of your employees over-indebted? There’re various indicators that suggest employees are over-indebted, such as frequent calls from creditors, recurring requests for salary advances, loss of productivity and absence from work.

While, employees may appreciate monetary help, suggesting a long-term solution, such as debt counselling, to help them with their financial issues will ensure that they become financially fit and capable of managing their finances more effectively in the long run.

Why should you promote debt counselling as a debt solution for employees?

Benefits of debt counselling for employees:

  • They will receive a tailor-made financial plan to help them get out of debt, while still ensuring they can cover all their living expenses.
  • With a sustainable and comprehensive financial plan put in place, they will experience immediate stress relief.
  • They will only have to make one monthly payment towards debt every month.
  • They cannot get harassed by credit providers while under debt review.
  • They are safe from legal action and their assets, such as homes and vehicles, are protected during the debt counselling process.
  • They will experience happier and healthier work relationships and increased success in their careers.

Benefits of debt counselling for employers:

  • Employees will be more focused at work and work harder to achieve business goals.
  • Employers will receive fewer requests for loans and pay advances.
  • Employees will take less leave days due to stress related illnesses.
  • Employers will have a higher employee retention rate as employees won’t seek other opportunities in a desperate attempt to get more money.

Encourage financially fit employees in the workplace by providing your employees with a long-term solution to their financial issues. Contact Debt Rescue for more information.

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