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How to leverage social media for small business growth

Social media is the latest buzzword in small business marketing. How can you use it to grow your small business? Does it need special talents? Does it take up a lot of your time? These are some of the questions which people think about when considering using social media. Here are some answers on ways to leverage social media to expand your business.

Reimagine social media

When people think about social media they usually focus on one of the two main platforms namely Facebook and Twitter. But there are more platforms then just these two. Therefore, it is important to consider what your goal is with social media. Do you want to create brand awareness or get more customers or build relationships with your customers? When you have your goal you can move on to choosing the correct platform for your brand.

Know your audience

It is critical to know who your customer is. You need to know them intimately. Understand what makes them tick and what are their pain points that need to be relieved. In addition, find out which platforms they are using to socialize on.

Start small. Be consistent

Even though your audience may use a variety of social media platforms it is important to only focus on one or two platforms in the start. Many people use Facebook therefore it may be a good platform to start on if most of your clients are on it. You should consistently post articles on social media so that you have a constant presence.

Be informative and entertaining

People hate being sold to you, especially on social media. It is better to use your social media networks to build rapport with your client base. By informing and entertaining them, they will be more keen to use your service in the future. Ensure a small percentage of your posts are about the product or service you provide.

Focus on quality over quantity

Following on from the above, it is important that your posts are good quality rather than bombarding your client’s social media wall with irrelevant information. Therefore, take time to craft a few quality posts rather than posting randomly throughout the day.

Share the love

If you want people to like, share and comment on your posts, you will need to give first. It is important to comment, share and like posts which are in line with your brand every day.

Follow high-profile influencers

By follow influencers in your community you will be able to see what they do and see what parts of their social media is successful. You may also get a special mention from them which could bring more followers to your brand.

Listen as much as you talk

It is important to always be courteous on social media. If you are criticised online answer the compliant and try to move it offline as quickly as possible. If people praise your business always say thank you.

Limit your time

This is the most important point. You can very easily be sucked into the rabbit hole of social media and come out a few hours later. Put a timer on for an hour a day to go through your social media pages. You can also use post-scheduling programs which will post for you during the week.

By following this course of action you will be well on your way to exponential growth in your small business.

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