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Small business sales success: the guide

Sales is one of the cornerstones for any business, but how can you be successful at it? What is important to be in place to make sure you are successful in sales.

Here are seven processes to remember to achieve small business sales success.

1. Create a great sales team

Your sales team should consist of three people, a virtual assistant, a sales development representative and an account executive. When these three individuals are in place you will have someone working on getting and creating qualified leads, and you will have someone closing the deals. Therefore, it’s important to hire people who are talented in those aspects of sales.

2. Listen to your customer

Making a sale involves listening careful to your customer’s pain point and designing your pitch to speak to that pain point. You should only speak 30% of the time when you are with your customer. This is to ensure you get a clear and concise idea of your customer’s need and you can then offer them the ideal solution.

3. Work on your negotiation skills

There will come a point in your sales pitch that you will need to close the deal. It is critical that you are able to negotiate a favourable deal for both you and your client. The best negotiators are always able to walk away with something after they have given something to their client.

4. Be attuned to your buyer’s signals

When a client wants to make a purchase there will be subtle signals which they will make and you need to be aware of them. They will change the tone of their voice, their body language will become more open, and they may start to ask probing questions about your product. You can learn more about buyer signals here.

5. Work on your communication skills

Communication is a primary skill which you need to master to be a successful salesperson. People just want to know and as long as you keep them informed with the information they need they will keep coming back. You need to work on your written communication skills as well as your verbal skills. One aspect to consider is the voicemail. A well scripted voicemail will go a long way to improving your sales. Another important piece of communication is the follow-up email. This needs to be concise and to the point. By having these two pieces of communication in your arsenal you will be well on your way to creating great impression when making a sale.

6. Be organised

Many sales opportunities could be lost because you are disorganised in the way you conduct your sales. By keep all the information organised in a customer relationship management tool, you will have quick access to who your customers are and what actions needs to be passed on to them. It is also important that the information you collect is important to your business.

7. Present well

It is important that you are able to present your product well. You should also be careful that you don’t do your presentation too soon. You could make contact with some top salespeople you know and ask to see their presentations and ask them how they go about presenting. Be specific in your questions so that you get the answers you want. Here is a great example of a powerful presentation which could lead to more sales.

By adopting these seven processes into your sales you will be well on your way to achieving small business sales success.